Immediate Disaster Cleanup Service

Disaster Cleanup

If Your Property Has Been Damaged By a Flood, Tornado, Fire, or Other Disaster, Call Us for Disaster Cleanup Service.

A disaster, whether it’s caused by an accident or natural causes, can wreak a lot of havoc on homes and businesses. Whether it’s a flood, a tornado, or a fire, whenever a disaster strikes your property, you need to get immediate help. It may seem like you can handle cleaning and restoring your property, but sometimes the damage is too great to take on by yourself. When you need disaster cleanup in Dallas, TX, please contact DFW Restoration. Our technicians have seen it all and are able to provide services for removal, cleanup, and restoration. From tornado damage to your home to water damage in your building caused by a flood, DFW Restoration is the place to can for reliable and extensive disaster cleanup services. If your home or business has been severely damaged by a disaster, don’t hesitate to call us at (214) 453-1592 and (817) 945-3516 for immediate help.

Our Disaster Cleanup Service

In order to get your home or business back in excellent condition, our technicians have a comprehensive process that they abide by. Following industry standards and safety procedures, we are able to keep you and your property safe throughout the entire process.

  • Inspections: Inspections and assessments will take place before any type of cleanup is started. With these inspections, we are able to see what type of damage has been done and what needs to be cleaned and restored.
  • Tarping and Board-up: If there are areas of your home or business that are exposed, such as the roof, doors, or windows, we will use tarps to cover those areas or board them up.
  • Content Restoration: Any items that are salvageable like furniture, upholstery, antiques, art, or other belongings will be restored either onsite or our facility.
  • Water or Smoke Removal: During this phase, we will remove standing water using water extraction equipment, as well as remove contents that have been damaged by fire or water.
  • Water or Smoke Cleanup: Cleanup requires sanitizing and deodorizing every area that has been affected by water or smoke.
  • Reconstruction: If there are damages to your property that can be fixed with cleaning and restoration, we will offer reconstruction services.

Give us a call whenever you need disaster cleanup for your Dallas, TX home or business.

We Have the Experience That You Need

For professional and meticulous disaster cleanup in Dallas, TX, please call DFW Restoration today at (214) 453-1592 and (817) 945-3516! We have the experience and training required to perform this type of damage restoration service for your property.