Residential Water Damage

There are a variety of reasons why your home may have water damage. From foundation cracks, roof leaks, a burst pipe, or flooding due to severe weather, residential water damage can take place any time, any place, and for several reasons. No matter how your home became damaged by water, the technicians at DFW Restoration are ready to help you. If you are in a situation where you need services for residential water damage in Dallas, TX, please call us right away. We are eager to remove water from your home, clean your structure and contents, and restore them to the way they were. For immediate help, call our team now at (214) 453-1592 and (817) 945-3516.

How Water Damage Can Affect Your Home

Residential Water Damage

Get Services for Your Residential Water Damage By Contacting Our Technicians Today.

If you want the least amount of damage to your home, it’s crucial to call us at the first sign of water. Not only will the restoration be a lot faster, it will also prevent structural damage and mold. Within hours of the water settling into your floors, furniture, and other areas, mold can begin to grow on the surface, as well as behind walls and beneath the floors. Not only that, when water is left to sit, it can cause the floors to distort, the walls to crack, and so much more. All of this can be avoided when you call us right away for services for your residential water damage in Dallas, TX.

Our Residential Water Damage Process

As soon as you call, we will make it to your home within the hour. From there we will take a few steps in order to get rid of any water damage.

  • We Inspect Your Home: We inspect the areas of your home that were damaged by water. Once the inspection is completed we determine what type of services are needed. From there we will board up or use tarps to cover exposed areas.
  • We Remove Water from Your Home: What we do after the inspection is remove all of the water from your home with water extraction equipment.
  • We Clean Contents and Your Structure: Cleaning includes sanitizing and deodorizing your walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and other belongings that have water damage.
  • We Perform Restoration Services: Once your structure and belongings that had water damage are cleaned, we will restore them. If they have a little more damage, we can restore them at our onsite facility.
  • We Can Provide Reconstruction Services: If there have been serious damages to your home that can not be mended with cleaning and restoration, we will recommend restoration.

For services for residential water damage in Dallas, TX call DFW Restoration at (214) 453-1592 and (817) 945-3516. We work with your insurance to ensure that this type of flood and water damage restoration service is covered.