Sewage Removal Service

Sewage Removal

If You Have a Sewage Backup, Please Call Us for Sewage Removal Services.

Sewage backup isn’t just harmful to your actual property, it is extremely harmful to your family or employees. If your home or business has had a sewage backup, it’s crucial to call an expert removal company to help you. If you live in the DFW area or the surrounding communities and want professional and effective sewage removal for your home or business, call DFW Restoration right away. This is a type of job that requires the specialized training and equipment to remove sewage and clean your property. We advise that clients never take this on, as sewage water has bacteria and other substances that can make you severely ill. If you want quick, reliable, and expert sewage removal in Dallas, TX, please call (214) 453-1592 and (817) 945-3516 now.

Why Your Home or Business Has a Sewage Backup

Homes and businesses tend to experience sewage backup when there are sewer clogs. Clogs or blockages can happen for a variety of reasons.

  • Non-disposal items are clogging the pipes.
  • The pipes have collapsed.
  • The pipes are misaligned.
  • The sewer line has cracks in it.
  • Tree roots blocking up or cracking the pipes.
  • A buildup of grease in the pipes.

Things like flushing things other than toilet paper or pouring grease down the drain can prevent any type of clog in the sewer drain. However, some of these will happen without warning or any type of indication. Whatever the cause of the sewage backup, you can trust DFW Restoration with your sewage removal in Dallas, TX.

We Can Protect Your Property With Our Services

With the help of our services, we won’t just remove all of the sewage and water from your property, we are able to remove furniture, carpets, home and business contents that have been exposed to sewage. From there, we can sanitize and deodorize your property to ensure that every inch of water and sewage is removed, as well as guarantee no bacteria or mold has┬áspread. Then we will dry and dehumidifier each room or area that has been sanitized and deodorized to prevent any mold growth. Our customers and their health are our number one priority, so when your home or business has been inflicted with sewage backup, contact us now at (214) 453-1592 and (817) 945-3516 for professional sewage removal for your Dallas, TX property. This type of flood and water damage restoration service will make sure you and your property are completely safe and protected.